What Would I Do If I Lost Everything?

Dear readers,

I am writting to you from flight 208 from British Airways with service to heathrow in London. I am sitting on seat 44H and really enjoying myself. Not because I am going to compete in an important event in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the European Championships by the IBJJF, not because I will be buying a very expensive suit at Savile Rowe. Not because I will be visiting and touring in  London, England, Lisbon,  Portugal. and Paris, France to visit the Louvre. I am really enjoying myself becuase I am seeing a philosphy I have adopted in my life starting to pay off. I am happy to be free and unrestricted like never before. I am happy about expanding my horizons and learning about new cultures and different customs.

Nevertheless I was wondering about what I would do if all the sudden I lost everything. If I had  to start from scratch. I would definitely continue to teach, train and compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because it is a source for my health, mental and character strengthening, discipline building  and without these components nothing else is feasible. So listen to me, it all must start with this list of components that I will list:

11 Components Needed to Make It Back To The Top

  1. -hunger
  2. -passion
  3. -accountability( or the feeling the world is watching)
  4. -responsibility
  5. -character
  6. -mental strength
  7. -discipline
  8. -perseverance
  9. -hard work
  10. -mentors/source of knowledge/or very clear logical thinking.
  11. -An understanding of how money and time ties in with components 1-10.

I truly believe an individual must find a way to constantIy improve on these components. I will write about each of this component at a time in future posts, but all I can say that at the end of the day what has me so happy today is FREEDOM. More than money, more than luxuries I trully believe true wealth starts with the FREEDOM to do what ever you want in life and dedicate yourself into whatever you desire. To have inmense amounts freedom, you need money, and the best way I know to make money is to provide a service to others that helps them achieve the same degree of  freedom. Everything is a very positive cycle.

Now that reminds me that there is a group of people outhere that believe service to others must be done non-profit, and always in charity , etc…. If you don’t believe me then look how in most hollywood movie the rich guy is always the jerk , the bad guy. Well thats why I added component 11 : “-An understanding of how money and time ties in with components 1-10″ . If you feel guilty about making money, and have trouble understanding that is the easiest way in today world to establish some degree of accountability and simply put make true for the phrase “put your money where your mouth is” you have to overcome this obstacle before any future success can be achieved.

If  I lost everything I would waste no time in getting back to the degree of freedom I currently enjoy. I would revisit those 11 components and make sure they have not been forgotten along the way and put them to work right away.


Roberto Torralbas


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  1. I totally agree with every aspect of that post!! Great advice Roberto, thanks for sharing.

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