Faulty Premises & Logical Thinking

Today I wanted to talk about how very logical people sometimes arrive at the wrong conclusions due to faulty assumptions.  Before Galileo Galilei got in trouble for stating that the earth was not the center of the universe , but that it revolved around the sun, many people had already made many great discoveries in astronomy. Nevertheless it would had been impossible to get to our current understanding of energy, stars, and galaxies if we where still basing all of our research on the fact that the earth was the center of the universe.

Many people are stubborn in their fundamental believe. I am stubborn too, but have already been embarrassed many times by my mentors to know better.  I personally believe that it is so important to constantly re-examine or basis for reaching certain conclusions and our fundamental beliefs because any new finding can affect it. In business not being able to do this can cost you lots of money. I can give you many personal examples, but that is a story for another time.

Logical thinking is perhaps the best thing available to humans, the best gift ever given ( possibly tied with free will). Nevertheless logical thinking applied to a false assumption can only lead to the wrong answer . Don’t get me wrong you can still be very successful as certain rules will hold under false premises until you try to get past a certain point and can’t seem to understand why you and your business have reached a plateau. So what to do :

  1. Seek opinions from members of a mastermind group. Experts in your area.
  2. Apply logic , survey , and experiment to see if your premises and assumptions are indeed correct.
  3. Test to see how far they will hold until it doesn’t applied. ( Newton’s Laws of motion break down at the quantum level, a business model may not work on certain countries, etc…)
  4. Leave emotions out of it. Be brave to accept that you can be wrong . Remember accepting something is wrong is learning one way not to do things.
  5. Also accept that certain problems have sometimes multiple solution and it is all dependent on your end goal.
  6. By all means do not build great plans and ideas with very little support like in the photo below. There is a high risk of the whole structure tilting and falling sideways.

Until next time,

Roberto Torralbas



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