Traveling efficiently is key for busy entrepreneurs

As a business owner and entrepreneur, its essential to be efficient when traveling.

Traveling Efficiently

At the time of these writing I find myself 4000 feet above ground in a US Airways flight typing from my Iphone. Flying very unexpectedly has become very common for me in the last 2 years. Being the owner of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing Martial Arts school in Naples, Fl , a dedicated grappling competitor, and an aspiring entrepreneur, results in many miles inside of an airplane.

When it comes to traveling there are a set of rules I follow to allow me to have a successful flight:

1- buy flights, hotel reservations, and car rentals online. I personally like to use and and . It’s fast, easy, convenient and it saves money.

2- Always carry two pocket video cameras in case one breaks.

3- Never bring more luggage than one can carry onboard the plane. It saves time and headaches in case someone steals it or gets lost along the way. If I need more I Fedex it in advance.

4- I fly red eye, last possible flight of the day, or earliest flight the next day. This usually saves money and are very empty fights which allows me to take multiple seats to myself and get a lot of work done.

5- Park in short term parking to have fast access to the car when getting back home and being able to make traveling plans on the go while minimizing the chances of missing any flights.

6- Get a seat in the first row of the planes to be the first one out of the plane when it lands and therefore save yourself more time.

To be continued…

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