Biggest Rip Off EVER!

Usually when you start a title like “Biggest Rip Off EVER!” people think the buyer got ripped off. In this case is different…I guess some smart people ahve been ripping of  Napoleon Hill, his sons, his grandsons, and any of his descendents. Why? Well if you don’t know who Napoleon Hill is we need to start hitting the books.  Anyways I will just give you a quick history.  Napoleon Hill was Andrew Carnagie ( The Bill Gates or Warren Buffet back in the day) pupil.  Mr. Carnagie assigned him with the task of interviewing most of the worlds richest and most succesful individuals in the search of a “Theory of Success and Riches”.  It took Napoleon Hill 20 years to publish it, its quite a formidable story that everyone should read.  I came across it when  a very close friend of mine made fun of me for never having read it. 

I borrowed his audio book in 12 cds and listen to it twice while driving in the car ( yes i really ripped off Napoleon Hill, didn’t even pay him a penny).  This is the foundation for any self-improvement, wealth, goals, and motivational book outhere. Pretty much all books restate in one way or another what Napoleon Hill wrote in “Think and Grow Rich”.

I recommended my best friend from highschool the book as I want him to be wealthy, succcesful , and happy. Anyways he later told me that he payed like 5 dollars for the whole thing. I was like:


 I truly felt bad that such masterpiece was priced so cheap, but I guess you can rip off Napoleon Hill too, and if you don’t…well I don’t know what to tell you. BUY IT NOW. READ IT NOW. IMPLEMENT IT NOW.

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