The Iphone for Internet Marketing, Infomarketing, and Small Business Owners

Hi Everyone,

I never liked the IPhone 3GS. I hated all the extra features I didn’t need, it doesn’t come with insurance and its almost $700 dollars with a good case to protect it. Not only that but me and being in a sport that requires strong grips has made me developed thick stubby fingers that make it really hard to use the touch screen. Nevertheless when I found out that the IPhone can directly upload to Youtube, I knew I had to buy TWO ASAP. One for my assistant and one for me.

Youtube links to Twitter and Facebook, so in essence you can almost reach your audience in real time…That’s valuable folks! I ran the test you guys see above….tell me what you think…

I believe that YouTube also can automatically post your videos on a blog post I will be implementing this as soon as I find out.

If you are a small business owner, you definitely need to use this tool. I own a Martial Arts Schools in Naples, FL and I have two websites where I am constantly need to publish Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tips and Techniques. One in particular BJJEngineer.TV I want to make it almost live streaming.

If I can get Youtube to automatically post a video to my blog BJJEngineer.TV I will be doing back flips and telling you all about it.

Until next time and can’t wait to hear your comments

Roberto Torralbas

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  1. Hope u didn’t pay $700 for iPhone. They are $199 at apple store.

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