I am back: The art of selling with written words…

Who are salesmen or saleswomen ( I will use salesmen for the rest of the article for simplicity)? Salesmen are vital to the economy, salesman are at some levels go-getters (check the GoGetterLifestyle.com when you have a chance), salesman usually believe one important factor that the world is a fair employer that pays you for what you do with your knowledge not just for being knowledgeable ( Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich) . Why am I saying this because the word salesman I believe has a bad connotation for most people.  Nevertheless everyone needs to be a salesman.

A salesman at youth was that guy that had the courage to go after the girl, and fail. And then by the time he was a grown man he could ask any girl out with confidence as he figured out the code of being a gentleman.

Salesman is the pal that tells his friend don’t be afraid go after the girl of your dreams. Is a person full of energy helping others to make decisions that only require a little push because the person already knows that is good for him/her.

Ok Ok Ok…There are also bad salesman out there like there are bad doctors, lawyers, etc… but there are many good salesman. When I look to hire a salesperson I spend a good amount of time teaching them about our product, and services and then send them home to study it. Afterward I ask them to explain me the benefits of the product( people always buy based on benefits not on features…REMEBER THAT)…If he did a good job…then I ask him :

“Do You Believe in the Product or the Mission Statement?”
And I look for facial expressions! ( another topic for a different article)

WARNING: There is no easier way to sabotage your sales process and your business than to hire a salesperson that does not believe in your product or cause!!!

Finally I ask :

“What is the most important job of a salesman:

a-)To sell the person on the product

b-)or to become his friend?”

Most get this wrong. The answer is b-)!

The reason being that once you become his friend selling is the easy part and you wont have to worry about buyer’s remorse. Look selling is a science and an art….there is so much to study and to learn…I just want to give you some insights on whats going on.

Finally I want to express the importance of selling the consumer what best fits their needs. If you oversell him/her it may seem like you made more money when you really made less!!! Down the road you may see credit card bounce and bad reviews , a bunch of problems that you dont want to leave.  A happy consumer will give you refferals…and let me tell you there is no better marketing out there than WOM! ( Word of Mouth)!

So so far I gave you a quick crash course to selling and the selling process on face to face interactions, but how about written sales letter, online and offline.

We will discuss this on the next article but believe me when I say that at this point the art becomes more challenging!

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