Philosophy and Logical Thinking Can’t Be Overlooked – Part 1.

I always like to tell my student Joey that good logical thinking is the foundation for boldness, courage, backbone, reliability, fast decision making, and standing for your beliefs. I love logic. I hate emotions, and feelings because they never did much for me.

Today while doing a quick search in my brain for things that have bothered me lately, challenged me, or surprised me so that i could write about it, I had to think about the society rules we must overcome for success in our lives.  Usually there are many people out there with an idea of how to live life, pushing their religions, their ideas, their personal beliefs on to you and trying to the world through make you see the world through their eyes. In essence they want to pass their philosophy onto you. The thing with philosophies is that a bad philosophy about how to live life can destroy you, a good one can give you a beautiful family, but a great one can make you free.

The problem that only through clear logical thinking can one distinguish among philosophies. Most individuals can distinguish between a horrible philosophy and an “ok” philosophy even when they desired to pick the horrible one. It gets harder to distinguish a great philosophy, because it requires a greater amount of logical thinking and risk taking. Before I go on lets shortly talk about risk.

Think of the following scenario:

Say that someone came to you and said: ” I bet that you can’t impale yourself with this sword!” You probably would say: Yeah, you bet I can’t” and run away.

But how come for this woman:

it is perfectly no big deal.

The reason because your perceived reality and hers are completely different. I could write a book just about perception , but I don’t want to deviate from tonight’s topic. I just wanted to make clear that picking a great philosophy may seem risky to many people whose perception of reality may be different than other people.

For example, I don’t really care about being bankrupt. It doesn’t scare me much. Neither does foreclosing on a house. I prefer not to go through it  if I can avoided, but I am not going to limit my life based on this things or lose any sleep over it.  It is not that I am irresponsible or anything like that, is just that my philosophy does not put much value  or weight on this things. If your goal is to own a nice house then maybe you will be very careful about losing the house, but if your goal is to own  an international real estate company you probably figured at one point or another you would end up losing a house here or ther because of a bad business decision and all business people make bad business decisions at one point or another.

I will continue on this article in Part 2 tomorrow. My time is up for tonight!

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