A Social Media War Developing: Facebook Vs. Google

When I decided to write this blog post I thought about writing about how Facebook and Google are going at it. Nevertheless before I begin let me list a short history of Google’s rivalries in no particular order.

Google vs. Yahoo. Google Won

Google Maps vs. Mapquest. Google Won

Google Documents vs. Microsoft Office. Still At War

Google Picasa vs. Flickr. Flickr Wining

Google Nexus One vs. Apple IPhone. Apple IPhone Wining

Google Chrome vs Explore and Firefox. Firefox Winning

Google OS vs. Windows OS.  Windows Winning

Google Video vs YouTube. YouTube won and the Google Bought them so Google won.

Nevertheless now Google has added one more rivalry to its long list. Google just release Buzz which seems to try to go after Facebook and Twitter’s social media market. I have personally have gone  at one time loving Google to being indifferent about them. In my opinion they are so spread all over the place that is annoying. In this latest social media war they have developed with Facebook and Twitter they will lose. Why?

Google are great engineers, but they suck at partying and social media is a huge party. What Google is trying to do is to force people into partying with them and I guess thats what I find annoying, but enough with what I  feel. Let me tell you some facts why Google will lose badly .vs Facebook.

Fact #1: Facebook gets 39 billion page views per month. More than any other websites in the  world including Google.

Fact #2: Facebook has stated to monetize its services with Ads that can be more targeted than Google Ads. Why? See Fact #3

Fact #3: Facebook has more registered users than people live in the United States at 400,000,000.

Fact #4: The registered users are willingly supplying Facebook with data that is very private. Google is late to this game…More  targeted marketing.

Fact #5: Facebook just opened most user profiles to public search adding over 1 billion pages to the search engines…More traffic.

Traffic is the name of the game..!

Sorry I don’t write more about this , but it is time to get some rest.

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